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About Bharat Voyagers

The Bharat voyagers LLP (BV) is an organization with specific mission of introducing India, the Indian culture, Indian customs, Indian values, the Ancient, the Historical, the Present and the Future India to the younger generation, particularly to the teen aged (between 12 and 18 years) boys and girls, [also of Original Citizens of India (OCIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)]. It proposes to uncover, unveil the varied and stupendous scale of natural and artificial creations before them and make them feel proud of India. The BV proposes to link the textbook learning in classrooms to practical knowledge of the World outside. The BV proposes to inculcate the natural inquisitiveness amongst them and fulfill the same by exposing them to various natural situations and make them complete members of the society. During the course it proposes to nurture the basic human traits like observation skills, concentration, logic, sequence, reasoning, analytical ability, communication skills, etc. Thus, this is a comprehensive exercise designed to bring out leadership qualities and to develop overall personality of every individual child.

All the children are going enjoy this very illustrative, informative, entertaining and educative program, meticulously prepared for them. They are going to be at the centre of entire activities on our part.


Propagate India, particularly among children, through educational excursions/tours and unveil before them the ancient, historical, present and future India. Uncover before them India’s civilization, history, geography, heritage, architecture, culture, traditions, customs, spiritually, diets, unity in diversity, Yoga, Ancient medicines (Ayurveda); music, dance and drama; by visiting selected places. Introduce them to the progress and advancement achieved by India since the Independence in Science, technology, industry, education, information technology, communication, space science, defence, agriculture, economy, sports, politics, administration, etc. by witnessing various sites and by discussing the issues with eminent personalities, who are the game changers. Showcase natural and manmade wonders and marvels that India possesses. To provide them with the glimpses of what India is planning to accomplish in near and distant future to march forward on the path of being a financial, technical and spiritual superpower of the World. We have to impress upon children that, this is a marvelous but daunting task, which we have set to achieve. To bring home with them to appreciate that it is a collective and cumulative task to be accomplished. To imbibe upon younger generations the roles that await for them.

INDIA as Superpower

The World at large and India is particular have started realizing that India possesses the potentials to be economical, technical and spiritual superpower of the World and is very much on that path. However, to accomplish this goal, a large section of the population (nearly 40 to 50 crore people) needs to be trained/skilled in one pursuit or the other. Some concrete initiative needs to be undertaken to acquaint our children with multifarious career opportunities available to them in near future. We propose to accomplish that objective in this program by introducing them to some of the openings available. This would take them to selected leading institutions of India. The children would also be exposed to the eminent personalities of India, who would provide them necessary guidance. It would then be up to you and your wards to pursue the same and carve a best course them. As a veteran academic administrator, the Chairman of BV would be too willing to provide necessary counseling. Even after this program the BV would be interested in the progress of your child and strive to be in regular touch, be keen to receive feedback, suggestions and demands of new programs and to develop lasting association.


Prof. Subhashchandra Bhosale


A veteran educational administrator has 30 years experience in the field, in various capacities like teacher in well known Ferguson College, Pune; Deputy Collector, Registrar and Provost of universities, Secretary of largest educational institution, chief of large dairy farm. Ultimate welfare of students was the goal of his career. He has in depth exposure in Boys Scouts and Girls Guide, at national and international levels. He worked in Skill Development in novel and effective ways. As student of Geology he has cris-crossed countyside extensively.

Aruna Pathak

Managing Director

Professional child counsellor, specialised in dermatoglypthics multiple intelligence tests (DMIT). Her career counselling are in great demand. Equally in demand are her various courses in women literacy and socialisation. She is founder Secretary of an educational and cultural academy and coordinator of a residential school (Gurukul) ancient methods of Indian education. She is member of several literary associations.

Nitin Sawant


Nitin brings with him rich experience of working with children in the fields of music, sports and especially in the fields of mountain trekking. He has been conducting State level musical competitions for school children for more than 25 years. He is a Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) trained Trekking Coach and has since been conducting innumerable tours and camps in Himalaya Western Ghats (Sahyadri) for last 18 years. Now even people other than school children have been borrowing his services to lead them to trek and to know more about our mountains, hills, forests, hill forts and temples. He has scaled more than 240 hill forts with them. This has made him very lovable and popular figure, particularly among children.